For Immediate Release:

For Immediate Release:


Discovery of ancestral ties between King Solomon and President George W. Bush


President George Walker Bush and Senator John Forbes Kerry share many ancestors according to recorded ancestral history, but could they also share the wisdom of King Solomon? Could President Bush have inherited the legendary wisdom of his ancestor, King Solomon?


Kamuela, HI April 28, 2004 – Big Island publishers have discovered that the President is, according to the most recent ancestral history now mapped out in the Family Forest®, at least a 79th great-grandson of the famous King Solomon of the Bible, whose name is synonymous with great wisdom.


With the newest release of the Family Forest® it will now be possible to visually explore a number of different ancestral pathways that lead generation-by-generation from President Bush through thousands of years of ancestral history to King Solomon and beyond. As far as his Democratic opponent, they have yet to determine Senator Kerry’s connection to this Biblical King.


Previously, the company released two reports available for free to the public at their website These reports show some of the relationships and ancestors that President Bush and Senator Kerry share, according to the ancestral history mapped out in the Family Forest®.


How do President Bush and Senator Kerry feel about being 9th cousins twice removed? So far, neither side has commented, even though since February this story has been reported in media around the world, and one of their famous cousins, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, offered in a CBS interview an invitation for a family reunion.


A chart showing examples of the enormous depth and breadth of some of the ancestral history content in the Family Forest® World Record Edition has just become available at the site this week at Family Forest Growth Chart


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