Guinness Challenge

It is called the Family Forest® World Record Edition because this is the entry we have submitted to Guinness for the title of

“The World’s Most Interconnected Digital Collection of Ancestral History.”

The Guidelines / Measuring Standards for this challenge are:

1) Start with any one of tens of thousands of people (including Prince Charles, President Bush, Walt Disney, Katharine Hepburn, etc.) and travel only through lineage-linked family ties to reach Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, the Apostle Paul, Lady Godiva, Woody Allen, the Marx Brothers, etc., etc.

2) With just several mouse-clicks, create ancestral pedigree charts with more than one million boxes filled in.

The price of the Family Forest® World Record Edition is $129. This is still amazingly cheap, since its predecessor, the 2002 Edition, produced $982 of reasonably priced eBooks, and this one will produce many more.

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