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The Family Forest® is the best digital central source for generation-by-generation ancestral pathways leading to and from many of the characters and actors in Hollywood films and television.


For a visual display of famous Hollywood actresses you may enjoy seeing this YouTube video. More than half of these actresses are already in the Family Forest®, and some have very extensive ancestral and family ties.


It is a digital resource that can connect large audiences personally to cast and characters from Hollywood’s past and present. It can be your captivating digital program guide to the family ties of who’s who in entertainment. The Family Forest® picks up where great movie sites like IMBb leave off.

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It can help you find ancestors you may be unaware of, and it may lead you to some of your own ancestral connections to films and/or Hollywood celebrities.


“I hope our Family Forest® Project will help you discover, as I have, that there is extra enjoyment to be had from new and old movies when you discover you have actual family ties to some of the cast and/or the characters in a number of great Hollywood movies.” Bruce Harrison, President of MPC.


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Mitchum and Monroe

Six Degrees of Separation

The New World and Pocahontas


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