Hollywood Connections to the Presidential Election

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Kamuela, HI (PRWEB) August 12, 2004 Which well-known movies can voters select to see Hollywood portrayals of the actual ancestors of the next U.S. President?

The ancestral pathways in the Family Forest® lead to a number of interesting and famous films, but for insights into leadership style, the two best candidates are The Lion in Winter and Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.

As the new chart at www.FamilyForest.com/Kerry_Bush_Ancestors.html
shows, according to the fully sourced digital maps of ancestral pathways in the new 2004 Family Forest® Leadership Edition, the next U.S. President is descended from both Edward I “Longshanks,” King of England, and Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland.

The next U.S. President is a direct descendant of famous warriors. Seeing those warriors in action in key leadership roles can provide insights in preparation for election day.

More about the family ties of both Senator Kerry and President Bush can be seen in the new chart at www.familyforest.com/Kerry_Bush_Cousins.html

It has taken the Harrisons over nine years of digitally connecting the dots of recorded history in order to compile such unique charts and lists from their Family Forest® Project. Fascinating pictures are continuing to emerge from these digital maps of generation-by-generation ancestral pathways that now span over 4,000 years. Along the way are countless forks that lead off to a wealth of surprising discoveries.

Dick Eastman, of Eastmans Online Genealogy Newsletter, in 2003, announced about his Family Forest® discoveries with uncharacteristic exuberance: “I was delighted ..., I could spend hours and hours searching through its contents.” And he gave his professional assessment of the huge scope of the Harrisons’ effort proclaiming: “This work is monumental!” Family Forest customers from ebay have left testimonials giving last years Family Forest® World Record Edition CD such praise as "installed it looks like a million," "excellent product and service," and "amazing software."

These Family Forest® charts are but tiny slivers of the great wealth of ancestral history waiting to be explored and discovered in the newest state-of-the-art presentation of the results of the Family Forest® Leadership Edition, the largest leap forward in the nine year history of the Family Forest® Project.

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