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Kamuela, HI Thursday, October 13, 2005 – How many of your own ancestors lived in castles? The surprising answer is almost certainly quite a few. And unless most of recorded history is completely wrong, not only did quite a few of your own ancestors live in castles, they actually owned castles.


The Family Forest® Project has been digitally connecting the dots of recorded history according to where the experts say they should be connected, and thereby creating maps of the generation-by-generation ancestral pathways that lead from the heartland of America today directly to Old World castles centuries ago, and beyond.


If you follow your own ancestral pathways far enough into the past, you will almost certainly connect into Family Forest® pathways that lead directly to one or more famous castles that can now be visited in your own ancestral homelands.


For Family History Month, MPC is offering a collection of never-before-seen family history eBooks from the upcoming Family Forest® New World Edition. Each of these genealogy titles begins with someone who lived in a castle, and documents many of their generation-by-generation family ties that lead to America and other parts of the world. This CD contains six Adobe PDF eBooks ranging from 1,500 to over 13,000 pages each at a retail price of up to $29.95 each. Acquire this entire collection from now until the end of October for just $9.95 with free shipping and handling.


Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc. is the home of the Family Forest® Project, and the latest state-of-the-art presentation is the Family Forest® Leadership Edition. Please explore some of the links at the Family Forest® Site Map for many examples of why the Family Forest® is called the world’s most interconnected digital resource for ancestral history.


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