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Family Forest® Hollywood Edition Preview Available


Kamuela, HI June 12, 2007 – Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc. is proud to announce that after years of strategic development  (please see Key Hollywood Connector), this preview edition of the Family Forest® Hollywood Edition is available at a special introductory price.


Fans and future fans of the Family Forest® Project will receive the quantum leap sequel to the $249 Family Forest® Leadership Edition. This preview edition is the previously unreleased Family Forest® New World Edition.


This disc has a wealth of surprising Kevin Bacon type six degrees of separation family ties connecting Hollywood stars to each other, to characters in their movies, to many key ancestral homeland locations like Jamestown (see Pocahontas’ Descendants at the Movies), and to everyday people.


Did you know that in his first film, Errol Flynn portrayed his own ancestor? In this preview edition you can find out who that ancestor was, and you can visually explore the generation-by-generation family ties connecting them. You can also explore the family ties connecting Errol Flynn to his distant cousin and “The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex” co-star, Bette Davis.


According to professionally recorded history mapped out in the Family Forest®, African Queen co-stars Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn are actually distant cousins through their common ancestor, Sir Robert Parke.


Sir Robert Parke is also an ancestor of probably more than one million living people. If you have any early New England ancestry, you may very well be one of them


With this preview edition of the Family Forest® Hollywood Edition, you can visually explore the extensive webs of generation-by-generation family ties spreading out from Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, and other Hollywood icons.


This special preview offer is available for only $19.95 at the Family Forest® website.


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