Pocahontas descendants at the movies

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Pocahontas’ Descendants at the Movies



Kamuela, HI Thursday, August 25, 2005 – At theaters across America this Fall, many actual descendants of the central heroine of New Line Entertainment’s “The New World,” Native American Princess Pocahontas, will be able to see at least three of their own ancestors vividly portrayed on the big screen by Q'Orianka Kilcher, August Schellenberg, and Christian Bale.


The Family Forest® is the world’s most interconnected digital resource for ancestral history, and it now visually connects Princess Pocahontas through generation-by-generation family ties to many thousands of her living descendants, people who would call Pocahontas grandmother (preceded by some number of “greats”).


It is estimated that probably more than fifty million Americans have ancestral roots that reach back to early Jamestown, the setting for “The New World.” The Family Forest is the best digital central source for maps of generation-by-generation ancestral pathways (according to fully sourced ancestral history) leading to and from early Jamestown settlers, and it even includes at least one that leads to the Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry.


An even greater number of living people, possibly several hundred million, are actually descended from the financiers of the Virginia Company, the venture behind much of the early settlement of Jamestown and the New World. The Family Forest maps countless lines of descent from Virginia Company financiers toward their descendants at the movies.


Hollywood presentations are much more compelling and enriching when one discovers that he or she has actual family ties to characters on the silver screen or television, and the Family Forest is the best digital central source for discovering those connections.


Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc. is the home of the Family Forest® Project, and the latest state-of-the-art presentation is the Family Forest® Leadership Edition.



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