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Royal Visit to The White House


Kamuela, HI Wednesday, November 2, 2005 – Today distant cousins will be meeting for the first time at The White House (for relationship calculations to each other and others, please visit


Prince Charles and President Bush have more in common than just some of the same ancestors they begin sharing 14 generations ago, and two of them are related to Jamestown, VA.


According to the generation-by-generation family ties now mapped out in the Family Forest®, Prince Charles and President Bush both had ancestors (different ones) who were early settlers of Jamestown, the setting for the upcoming New Line Cinema “The New World” motion picture coming to theaters at Christmas.


It may seem unlikely that Prince Charles would have any American ancestors, but according to recorded history, his mother Queen Elizabeth is descended from Colonel Augustine Warner who was an early Jamestown settler (and who was also an ancestor of President George Washington, Governor Meriwether “The Explorer” Lewis, General Robert E. Lee, General George Patton, Joanne Woodward, and many others).


The second Jamestown connection is that both may be a part of the America’s 400th Anniversary: Jamestown 2007 commemoration, a series of events to be held in Virginia and the United Kingdom. The year 1607 was the beginning of the arrivals in America of the early Jamestown ancestors of probably more that 50 million living Americans (and of course, at least a few British).


A third item that both Prince Charles and President Bush have in common is the fact that each of them has more of their ancestral history lineage-linked in the Family Forest® than can be seen anywhere else. They are also each lineage-linked to far more of their everyday Americans cousins.


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