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Baseball and the Royal Wedding


Kamuela, HI April 7, 2005 – Baseball season started earlier this week and it has a relation, literally, to the royal wedding scheduled for later this week.


The Family Forest® has now calculated the Kevin Bacon style six-degrees-of-separation family ties of both the bride and the groom to thousands of the most recognized names from recorded history. One of them is the person credited as the father of baseball, Civil War General Abner Doubleday.


As the chart at http://www.familyforest.com/Royal_Wedding.html shows, General Doubleday is a 15th cousin twice removed of Prince Charles and a 24th cousin twice removed of Camilla Parker-Bowles.


That chart is only a starting point. It means that in the Family Forest® one can visually point-and-click travel through maps of generation-by-generation family ties that connect all of the people on the chart in surprising ways. For instance, an earlier wedding set the stage for the royal wedding scheduled on April 9, 2005.


Hanging in the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a famous painting called “The Marriage of Constantine” (Emperor Constantine the Great on the chart, a 42nd great-grandfather of Prince Charles and a 44th great-grandfather of Camilla Parker-Bowles) by the Dutch master Peter Paul Rubens (a 35th great-grandson of Emperor Constantine the Great, a half 11th cousin 12 times removed of Prince Charles and a half 11th cousin 13 times removed of Camilla Parker-Bowles).


For a couple of other examples, Bill Gates was recently knighted by the groom’s mother. He is a 14th cousin once removed of Prince Charles and a 14th cousin of Camilla Parker-Bowles. Tom Hanks, star of Sony’s upcoming The Da Vinci Code movie, is also related to both Prince Charles (13th cousin) and Camilla Parker-Bowles (12th cousin once removed).


Prominent media personalities are also related, such as New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., (9th cousin twice removed of Prince Charles and a 21st cousin 4 times removed of Camilla Parker-Bowles) and Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau (15th cousin once removed of Prince Charles and an 18th cousin of Camilla Parker-Bowles).


If such a wide ranging group of people as those on the chart are related to Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, who else shares ancestors with them?


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