Family Forest®: Product, or Service?


The Family Forest® appears to be a product because it is delivered on a disc.


But the disc is only the delivery vehicle, the packaging. Within a few years (when web technology advances and bandwidth increases), the need for the disc will disappear. Our Family Forest® service, although far more comprehensive and far-reaching by that time, will be deliverable without any “thing.”


The Family Forest® is actually a collection of services; services that are stored similar to pickles or preserves, yet have a limitless shelf life. Some of the types of services are:


Tour Guide & Mapping: Tens of thousands of hours have been spent traveling through the fine print of hundreds of fascinating historical and genealogical books and periodicals (many of which do not have indexes or are only partially indexed) in search of stories about your ancestors (as well as everyone else’s ancestors). We have left extremely well marked digital trails of everywhere we have visited, so you can instantly zoom in to the parts that are of interest to you, and visually display maps of the ancestral pathways leading to and from that point (often for many centuries).


Text to Visual: Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is abundantly obvious in family history, where it can take a number of pages of tedious text to explain (and much time and effort to decipher) family relationships that are quickly and easily understandable in chart form (after we provide our service of converting that knowledge to stage-three digital content).


Static to Dynamic: Paper-based knowledge just sits there hiding, waiting for a person to find it. Once we upgrade that knowledge to stage-three digital content, computers can locate, sort, group, and display that knowledge in new and exciting ways that increase and enhance its value, and present it virtually instantly to the people who summon it.


Checks and Balances: Through the power of computer technology, combined with human steering, every new statement and connection that is input into the Family Forest® is compared against every other statement and connection from hundreds of sources that was input during previous years, and any conflicts are flagged as warnings.


Filtering: With family history on the Internet, one must sometimes wade through hundreds or even thousands of duplications of basically the same information. Our mission is to filter out confusing and time-wasting duplication, so that no one else has to, with the goal of all information (including the conflicts) about an individual being stored in a central location.


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