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Captivating Storytelling Opportunities


The Family Forest® contains key elements for a number of fascinating stories that are waiting to be told from a variety of multi-faceted perspectives.


Can we interest you in telling one or more?


If you are great storyteller, with the experience and contacts to get stories published, please consider writing one or more Family Forest stories.


Following is a sampling of some of the potential story ideas.


The incredible size of each person’s ancestry: Grasping this knowledge has life-enriching potential. It can change the way people see the world around them, and can help make the world a better place.


MRCA: This is an acronym for Most Recent Common Ancestor. Interesting thoughts lead to that inevitable conclusion that each of us, as well as each and every person who ever lived, eventually becomes either a) the ancestor of everyone on the planet, or b) the ancestor of no one on the planet. This discovery has paradigm-shifting potential.


The Bible: How does The Bible relate to you? Actually, literally! Point-and-click through the generation-by-generation family ties in the Family Forest that begin with people in The Bible and travel for thousands of years to people whose names you know, and you will see why it is inevitable that you are related to people in The Bible.


The founding of America: They say that more than one million people alive today can be descended from a single couple that came to America in the early 1600’s. What happens when many lines of descent are mapped out from each of thousands of these early American immigrant couples?


Education Resource: How can the People-Centered Approach to History® of the Family Forest stimulate students’ interest in history?


The American Revolution: Is the Family Forest the best digital central source for ancestral pathways leading to and from the people who actually participated in the struggle for American independence?


The Civil War: How different might our perception of the Civil War be when we glimpse it through the lives and family ties of the people who were there? How much might we add to our enjoyment of movies like “Gods and Generals” and “Gettysburg” when we can use the Family Forest to see how key characters fit into the extremely interwoven web of family ties?


The Alamo and Texas Independence: Is there any other resource that can allow users to point-and-click travel from an Alamo Defender through thousands of years of generation-by-generation family ties to connect personally to people in The Bible?


Royalty and nobility: How is it possible that people of humble beginnings can have actual family ties to royalty and nobility? Point-and-click through the enormous web of ancestral pathways mapped out in the Family Forest and you will see why this is far more than just a possibility.


Hollywood and the movies: There is much additional enjoyment waiting for each of us when we discover our own personal family ties to Hollywood entertainers, movies, and television programming. Waiting for you to find them are Hollywood portrayals of people you would call grandmother or grandfather (preceded by some number of “greats”).


Hereditary societies: For over a century a large number of hereditary societies have been reporting on the lines of descent that they believe are true. What happens when large numbers of the accepted lineages of a number of the most well known societies (CDA, DAR, DRT, IAG, OC, OFPA, SAR, SMD, etc.) are systematically compared to each other as well to respected authorities such as NEHGS, NGS, NYGBS, TAG, etc.?


Religion in America: Is there a better digital central source for exploring the lives and family ties of so many people who founded churches and spread religion throughout America?


World Record: Is the Family Forest truly the world’s most interconnected digital collection of ancestral history? If so, why has Guinness World Records not yet confirmed this title? If not, who might have a better claim to this title?


David vs. Goliath: What is a two-person company accomplishing that their perceived competitor with over 750 people cannot match?


Digital Leverage: What is digital leverage? How is a two-person company utilizing this powerful force to create thousands of never-before-seen publications? Is this small 21st century publishing company on track to become the world’s leading ancestral history publishing company?


Mapping Genetic Migration: Where can one find the largest maps of genetic migration available anywhere? What surprises do they reveal? How can they change commonly held misconceptions?


Ancestral Travel: Why is the Family Forest destined to lead people to ancestral homelands they never imagined? How can and should the travel and tourism industry utilize the power of the Family Forest to create a surge in ancestral travel?


Nobel Peace Prize: Why do the creators of the Family Forest believe that the Family Forest Project could lead to a Nobel Peace Prize?


We will be happy to discuss the details of any of these possible stories with writers and media representatives. Thank you for your consideration.

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