Veterans Day Tribute to my Uncle Donald


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The War, Veterans Day and Uncle Donald


More on remembering my Uncle Donald, "An Empty Trunk Full of Memories"


Donald H. Spangler

Lieutenant Junior Grade, U.S. Navy Service # 0-123579

United States Navy

Entered the Service from: Indiana

Died: 13-Nov-42

Missing in Action or Buried at Sea

Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery

Manila, Philippines

Awards: Purple Heart



USS Atlanta, CL-5, the ship my Uncle Donald served on in World War II

United States Naval Academy were Uncle Donald became a midshipman in the Navy in 1938.

Martin Henry Spangler pictured below was the father of Donald Hays Spangler.

I never met my Uncle Donald because he died

9 years and 1 day before I was born. I have been told

he was a very fine person, and

I am honored to have his brother as my father.


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