Family Forest® was started in 1995 by Bruce and Kristine Harrison as a project to digitally connect history with the people who created it. The Harrisons began compiling an immense interlinked digital database of genealogical and historical information. Millisecond Publishing Company was then incorporated in December 1996.

Now well over 40,000 hours have been spent researching and developing the Family Forest® product. More than hundreds of great printed resources from throughout the United States have been accessed in the process. Family Forest® is now a fully-sourced lineage-linked digital database with instant access to ancestral connections of millions of people that spans over twenty centuries and multiple continents.

From the incredible amount of fascinating information located during the Family Forest® Project, the Harrisons have released over eight highly acclaimed products. These products have culminated in the creation of a preview Family Forest® New World Edition. In 2004 and again in 2008 Family Forest® made international news. See the continuing story... and last years video news interview.

This year announcing the Family ForestŇ National Treasure Edition. went online in March 1996. Family Forest is a product/service and registered trademark of Millisecond Publishing Company.





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Family Forest® is a registered Product and trademark of MPC, Inc.
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