January 23, 2007 Six Degrees Kevin Bacon Connections


Six Degrees’ Kevin Bacon Connections in the Family Forest®


After listening to Kevin Bacon at Entertainment Weekly talk about his objectives for the just launched SixDegrees.org, I instructed the Family Forest® to list who is already connected through family ties to Kevin, and to calculate their exact relationship.  A few mouse-clicks brought up a number of surprising connections.


Kevin shares ancestors in the Family Forest® now with some other Hollywood celebrities, including Ron Howard, Johnny Carson, and Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal.  Kevin’s political cousins include: Senator Bob Dole, President Nixon, and both Presidents Bush.  He also shares ancestors in the Family Forest® now with some famous historical figures, including architect Stanford White and astronomer Edwin Powell Hubbell.


His wife, “The Closer” star Kyra Sedgwick, has many more “six degree-type” family ties to people she shares ancestors with currently in the Family Forest® including:


Louisa May Alcott

Senator Evan Bayh

Lizzie Borden

Spring Byington

President Jimmy Carter

Dick Clark

Emily Dickinson

John Foster Dulles

Lee De Forest

Clint Eastwood

President Millard Fillmore

Bill Gates

Richard Gere

George Gilder

Dorothy and Lillian Gish

Senator Bob Graham

President U. S. Grant

Melville Bell Grosvenor

VP Hannibal Hamlin

President Warren G. Harding

John Hinckley, Jr.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Dina Merrill

J. P. Morgan

VP Levi Morton

Marilyn Monroe

Georgia O’Keeffe

Matthew Perry

Oliver Platt

Marjorie Merriwether Post

VP Dan Quayle

Chief Justice Rehnquist

Norman Rockwell

Governor Mitt Romney

President F. D. Roosevelt

Brooke Shields

Lowell Thomas

Prince Harry

Prince William

Tennessee Williams

Owen Wister

(in addition to many thousands of people, including quite possibly you!)


The Family Forest® shows how very true it is; we are very connected. Kristine and I wish SixDegrees.org much success in promoting this truth for the benefit of others.


Bruce Harrison

Ancestral History Tour Guide and Cartographer



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