Family Forest Civil War Officers CD-ROM

The Family Forest Civil War officers is a surprise-filled collection of hundreds of fascinating Family Forest Kinship Reports of key Union and Confederate Civil War officers on CD-ROM that cannot be seen anywhere else!

A number the these Civil War officers were very prominent, and most of them appear in well-known movies, books, and articles. This unique digital resource adds valuable perspective and enrichment to those articles, books, and movies.

Many of these Kinship Reports are hundreds of pages long, and contain so many relatives of these Civil War leaders (about 30 per page) that your are quite likely to find a number of your own family ties to these leaders if you know some of your own ancestral pathways to the 1600's.

If such a diverse group of individuals such as those illustrated in the tiny sampling of General Lee's kinship are related to just one of the hundreds of Civil War officers on the new Family Forest Civil War Officers CD-ROM, how many famous Civil War leaders might you be related to you?

For everyone who is interested in the Civil War or family history, the Family Forest Civil War Officers CD-ROM is a fun and enriching historical resource to visit and explore often.

Family Forest Civil War Officers CD-ROM

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