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Kamuela, HI October 7, 2003 – Bruce Harrison, president of Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc. and the creator of the Family Forest®, has a fun theory that the Family Forest Hollywood Relations CD-ROM will help to confirm. “Many millions of living people, probably tens of millions of people, share 1500's and 1600's ancestors with each Hollywood actor, actress, director, etc.

Most of the Kinship Reports on this CD, which were created from the Family Forest World Record Edition, http://www.familyforest.com , are from one hundred to over seven hundred pages long, and contain so many relatives of the Hollywood stars and celebrities (about 30 per page) that most people are quite likely to find one or more of their own family ties if they know some of their own ancestral pathways to the 1600's.

The Hollywood stars and celebrities who have Kinship Reports on this CD are:
Anthony Perkins
Bette Davis
Bing Crosby
Bridget Fonda
Catherine Oxenberg
Cecil B. deMille
Clint Eastwood
Dina Merrill
Drew Barrymore
Gloria Grahame
Humphrey Bogart
James Dean
Joanne Woodward
Johnny Carson
John Wayne
Katharine Hepburn
Lee Marvin
Lillian Gish
Lucille Ball
Margaux Hemingway
Maria Shriver
Marilyn Monroe
Michael Douglas
Montgomery Clift
Nicholas Cage
Orson Welles
Randolph Scott
Rene Auberjonois
Rita Hayworth
Ronald Reagan
Tallulah Bankhead
Tyrone Power
Walt Disney
William Holden

Quoting again from Bruce Harrison, “I hope our Family Forest project will help you discover, as I have, that there is extra enjoyment to be had from new and old movies when you discover you have actual family ties to some of the cast and/or the characters in a number of great Hollywood movies.”
For example try The Lion in Winter

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A limited number of review copies are available to members of the media by request on company letterhead.

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