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Family Forest® Hollywood Edition Preview Available.
June 12, 2007

Paris Hilton is not the first of her kin to spend time in jail.
June 12, 2007

Senator Barack Obama’s ancestors link him to U.S. Presidents George Washington, James Madison, Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter, according to the founder of the Family Forest® Project.
February 2007

Da Vinci Code star Tom Hanks' own little-known historical blood ties revealed.
May 30, 2006 and Millisecond release new Genealogy POD book
April 20, 2006

Royal Visit to The White House
November 2, 2005

Castles to Kansas
October 13, 2005

Da Vinci Code Supplements Released
September 19, 2005

Pocahontas’ Descendants at the Movies
August 25, 2005

Baseball and the Royal Wedding
April 7, 2005

Family Forest® Shows Surprising Prince Albert Family Ties
March 30, 2005

Family Forest® and the 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards
January 13, 2005

Family Forest® Calculates Lion In Winter Family Ties
January 11, 2005

Celebrating the First National Family History Day this Thanksgiving
November 22, 2004

American Music Awards Selects Family Forest®
November 11, 2004

Family Ties of the Next President of The United States
October 5, 2004

eBay Auction Launches Newest Family Forest® Service
September 18, 2004

Family Forest® Genealogy Library Announcement
September 9, 2004

Hollywood Connections to the Presidential Election
August 12, 2004

Discovery of ancestral ties between King Solomon and President George W. Bush
April 28, 2004

Family Forest® Discoveries Delay Release
March 29, 2004

Six Degrees of Separation from Royalty
March 18, 2004

Kerry and Bush Now Shown as Closer Cousins
March 4, 2004

Senator Kerry and President Bush Share Famous Cousins
February 9, 2004

Senator Kerry and President Bush are Cousins
January 30, 2004

Presidential Election Preview Sampler
January 22, 2004

Future British Kings
November 24, 2003

Royal and Saintly Ancestry of Senator John Forbes Kerry
November 22, 2003

Two Degrees of Separation
November 20, 2003

Everyone has Family Ties to the American Civil War
November 5, 2003

Free Witchcraft CD-ROM for Halloween
October 28, 2003

Family Forest Artists, Authors, and Poets
October 22, 2003

Surprising Family Ties to Royalty
October 14, 2003

Hollywood Relations
October 7, 2003

Family Forest® World Record Edition released... Family Forest; the future of ancestral history
July 25, 2003

Family Forest® A Key Hollywood Connector
March 7, 2003

Your Ancestors May Be Presidential Ancestors
February 14, 2003

First 30 Family Forest Descendant Series eBooks
January 8, 2003

Robert Urich's "April Morning" and Recommended to Commemorate April 19, 1775. What happened this day in history (April 19th) should be known by every American. Sadly it is not.
April 19, 2002

President Bush's Ancestry Introduces Family Forest E-Books
January 15, 2002

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