Find your family’s ancestry, place in history
and hidden links to the people of our time.The indispensable digital encyclopedia for every household.
  The ultimate gift for family members and esteemed clients. 
A revolutionary breakthrough in genealogical research.



The past has always been one of the best teachers of future success. Understanding your heritage is not only a satisfying project but an inspiration.  Will you be inspired?


A People-Centered Approach to History® for Our Time:


The Family Forest® Project is the result of over 40,000 hours of research and some 900,000 citations.  It is a fully-sourced lineage-linked digital database with instant access to the ancestral connections of millions of people spanning over twenty centuries and multiple continents.  It is rapidly becoming the ultimate resource and first ‘port of call’ for information on history, genealogy and ancestral travel.


“This work is monumental.  I do not know of any other product that provides in-depth information about the family connections of as many individuals as this one.”

-         Dick Eastman, Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter


“Experience the wonder of following and finding family ties that you never new existed.”

-         Ri Regina, Net Presence, Inc.


Family Forest® is the indispensable family history encyclopedia in digital format.  It is the only tool I have come across to efficiently trace the genealogical connections that link us together.  What a fascinating resource for every family.”

-         Simon Angelo, Author of Click & Grow Rich and Study Success


Family Forest® is “The World’s Most Interconnected Digital Resource of Ancestral History.”


It’s the best digital source for fully documented generation-by-generation ancestral pathways connecting everyday people to each other and to many famous individuals.


  • Instant leads to parts of your ancestry that would cost thousands to trace manually.
  • Inspirational discoveries into your ancestry and educational journeys through history for all the family.
  • Discover your family’s connections to Hollywood stars, royalty and nobility, gateway ancestors, the Civil War, the American Revolution and many more.
  • What a memorable and family oriented gift for birthdays, anniversaries and christenings.
  • Instant point-and-click exploration of the ancestral pathways leading to and from a variety of places, events, and groups of people.
  • The best “tour guide” service to many centuries of professionally recorded paper based ancestral history (fully cited).
  • Based on exhaustive searches of verifiable, recorded history the Family Forest® represents the fastest and most accurate tool for researching ancestral history.
  • Create your own family ancestry e-books, descendant charts, ancestor charts, pedigree charts and much more.
  • Peek into the ancestry of President George W. Bush, Senator John Forbes Kerry, Katharine Hepburn, Agatha Christie and countless other famous individuals that capture your interest.
  • Research and pass on important family ancestry information to your children or grandchildren – a valuable gift of knowledge that transcends lifetimes.



“Hand-crafted distilled knowledge, digitally mapped, about who said what about whom when and where.”


So who will benefit most from the Family Forest® Project?


  • Families and individuals interested in their heritage and ancestral roots.
  • Households wanting to make a valuable historic research resource available to all the family.
  • Businesspeople seeking to give a unique and memorable gift to valuable clients.
  • Students seeking a unique edge in researching for projects and term papers.
  • Teachers seeking to provide added strength and interest in lesson plans.
  • Librarians wishing to expand the quality and depth of their reference resources.
  • Journalists, writers, historians, genealogists and movie enthusiasts looking for time-saving indispensable reference resources.
  • History tourism providers and participants.

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Family Forest® is a world leader in ancestral research. 

Their acclaimed lineage-linked digital resource has set the precedent for family heritage projects.  


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