Your Ancestors May Be Presidential Ancestors

(Press Release; for immediate release) February 14, 2003

Of the sixty surnames listed below, only two are the same as names of former U.S. Presidents, yet at least thirty-three are ancestors of one or more U.S. Presidents. Are any of those thirty-three your ancestors?

The second 30 eBook titles in The Family Forestâ Descendant Series are available today from Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc. at .

Family Forest eBooks are unique digital tour guides, presented in Adobe Acrobat format, to a vast wealth of fascinating paper-based ancestral history. They pinpoint the exact location of valuable information and stories about some of the actual ancestors of many millions of Americans.

As with the first 30 titles, each of these second 30 titles begins with one of the Mayflower families, or one of thousands of other founding families who arrived in America in the 1600's (or in some cases, their parents or grandparents who had multiple children or grandchildren who came to America), and shows many of their fully-sourced generation-by-generation family ties to a large number of their ordinary and famous descendants who lived in the 1700’s, 1800's, and 1900's.

Beginning surnames of these 60 eBooks are:

Alden (USP), Ames, Barron (USP), Batchelder, Bliss, Brewster (USP), Bridge (USP), Brigham (USP), Bulkeley (USP), Capron, Chapin (USP), Cogswell (USP), Coolidge (USP), Danforth (USP), Delano/De La Noye (USP), Deming (USP), Dunster, Eltonhead (USP), Emery 1 (USP), Emery 2, Fairbank(s) (USP), Foote (USP), French, Gilman (USP), Green, Harrison, Hills, Hitchcock, Hoffman (USP), Hooker (USP), Howland (USP), Lea, Leftwich, Livermore (USP), Moore (USP), Montague, Pierce (USP), Raymond, Reade 1, Reade 2 (USP), Rice (USP), Richardson, Shattuck, Smith 1 (USP), Smith 2, Southworth, Stearns (USP), Stone, Strong (USP), Symmes (USP), Thornton (USP), Tilghman, Tracy, Treat, Vinton, Ward, Warner (USP), Warren (USP), Wellington (USP), Whitney

Note: (USP) means that title contains one or more U.S. presidents.

These 60 downloadable Family Forest eBooks are priced from $4.95 to $26.95.

180 additional titles are being prepared for release over the next several months.

Family Forest eBooks are a valuable resource for anyone interested in family history or American history.

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