Family Forest A Key Hollywood Connector

(Press Release; for immediate release) March 7, 2003

Hollywood has already spent billions of dollars creating what are in effect reasonable facsimiles of "family home movies" of the ancestors of hundreds of millions of people, but who knows it?

The new Family Forest release will be the best digital resource to personally connect large audiences to the characters and actors in those films through their own personal family ties.

Below are some of the Captain's Log archives that either relate directly to the film and television industry, or illustrate why hundreds of millions of people can discover that they are actually entitled to call characters in numerous films (like Eleanor of Aquitaine, portrayed by Katharine Hepburn in the 1968 Lion in Winter, and by Glenn Close in the 2003 Lion in Winter) grandmother or grandfather (preceded by some number of "greats").

Hepburn Portrays Her Own Ancestor

Past Imperfect

Gods and Generals

Lady Godiva

The Vikings on Nova

Your Ancestors Knew St. Patrick


The Crossing

Who's That Girl

High-Probability Intersection

You Know My Name




Most Recent Common Ancestor

Don Juan

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