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Kamuela, HI October 14, 2003 –Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc., home of the Family Forest®, a People-Centered Approach to History®, announces the first title in its Royal Descendants Series of eBooks. The Family Forest Descendants of Robert I, King of Scotland.

The Family Forest Descendants of Robert I, King of Scotland is an Adobe PDF 1,170 page eBook available at as a download or on CD-ROM.

This is Robert I, also called Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. He is one of the most famous kings of Scotland, and was one of the main characters in the movie "Braveheart."

This book contains generation-by-generation lines of descent, according to recorded history, from him to some of his 27th-generation descendants. The numerous lines of descent detailed in this book can show that many of the people who saw "Braveheart" were actually watching a Hollywood portrayal of someone they would call grandfather, preceded by twenty some "greats."

Some of his well-known descendants in this book, in addition to most of the expected kings, queens, and nobility, include US President Teddy Roosevelt, Princess Diana, Prince Ranier III of Monaco, US President James Monroe, Queen Elizabeth and her descendants, Sir Winston Churchill, Katharine Hepburn, Charles Willson Peale, Michael Douglas, Montgomery Clift, Philip "The Signer" Livingston, US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, John Jacob Astor, both US Presidents Bush, Governor Patrick Henry, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Catherine Oxenberg, Rene Auberjonois, General Robert E. Lee, US President James Buchanan, Lieutenant-General James Longstreet, Joanne Woodward, and US President James Polk.

His other numerous Family Forest descendants had surnames that include Alexander, Alfriend, Alger, Allen, Armstrong, Astor, Auchincloss, Balfour, Barclay, Bayard, Beall, Benton, Bibby, Biddle, Bingham, Blanton, Boettiger, Bonaparte, Borie, Bowdoin, Boyd, Breckinridge, Brenton, Briggs, Brown, Bruce, Brudenell, Buchanan, Bullitt, Bulloch, Burd, Burwell, Bush, Butcher, Butler, Cadwalader, Calhoun, Calvert, Campbell, Carmichael, Carpenter, Carter, Chalkley, Chew, Childs, Christian, Churchill, Clark, Cochrane, Coolidge, Cooper, Corbould, Coxe, Craik, Cranston, Cranstoun, Cumming, Cunningham, Cunyingham, Custis, Dandridge, De Peyster, Di Bonaventura, Delafield, Devereux, Dickinson, Dodge, Douglas, Drane, Drayton, Drinker, Drummond, Duane, Duer, Dundas, Dunlop, Dunwody, Erskine, Farrington, Fisher, Fitzhugh, Fitzroy, Fleming, Floyd, Fontaine, Forbes, Forde, Fox, Garland, Garrard, Gordon, Graham, Grant, Green, Greene, Griffin, Habsburg, Haliburton, Hall, Hamilton, Hansell, Harris, Hartshorne, Hay, Henry, Hepbron, Hepburn, Hinsdale, Hoffman, Holliday, Hollingsworth, Home, Hopkins, Houghteling, Howard, Howe, Hume, Irvine, Jenifer, Johnson, Jones, Joyce, Kane, Keeney, Keith, Kennedy, Ker, Kilgour, King, Lascelles, Law, Lawton, Lee, Lennox, Leslie, Lewis, Lindsay, Little, Livingston, Logan, Longstreet, Lowell, Ludlow, Lyon, Mackinnon, MacDonald, MacGehee, Mackenzie, MacLean, Macomb, Magruder, Marks, Maxwell, McIntosh, McKay, McKean, McKibben, Meigs, Meredith, Molesworth, Monroe, Montague, Montgomerie, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Morison, Morris, Morrison, Morton, Motteley, Mountbatten, Muir, Mumford, Munro, Murat, Murray, Naile, Napier, Neilson, Norris, Ogilvy, Oliphant, Page, Patterson, Payne, Peabody, Peale, Penn, Polk, Preston, Price, Putnam, Rhodes, Ricketts, Roberdeau, Robertson, Robinson, Roosevelt, Rose, Russell, Rutgers, Rutherford, Ruthven, Sanborn, Schoonmacher, Scott, Seton, Seymour, Sheldon, Sinclair, Smith, Somerville, Spence, Spencer, Spotswood, Spottiswood, Spottswood, Steele, Stevenson, Stewart, Stuart, Taylor, Ten Broeck, Thorn, Traill, Triplett, Waldegrave, Walker, Waller, Warren, Washington, Waterhouse, Wemyss, Wheeler, White, Whitney, Wickham, Windsor, Winston, Wister, Wood, Woodward, Wright, Wyse, and many others.

Quoting again from Bruce Harrison, “I hope our Family Forest project will help you discover, as I have, that there is extra enjoyment to be had from new and old movies when you discover you have actual family ties to some of the cast and/or the characters in a number of great Hollywood movies.”

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