This release is called the Family Forest Leadership Edition because leadership is the one characteristic common to all of the key areas that were the main and secondary priorities for Family Forest growth during this last year.

Some of those growth priorities (in basically alphabetical order) were: The Alamo and Texas Independence, The Bible and The Da Vinci Code, the Civil War, European royalty and nobility, Hawaii, hereditary societies, Hollywood, immigrant ancestors, the Revolutionary War, and U.S. Presidents.


One thing becomes very clear from studying recorded history; ancestral history about the leaders in many fields is the most likely to survive over time.


The types of leaders this applies to include political, military, religious, business, community and civic, artists, authors, poets, educators, entertainers, explorers, pioneers, inventors, etc.


Another observation is that it is not just ancestral history about the leaders that frequently survives for hundreds or thousands of years. Leaders often have spouses, children, siblings, aunts, uncles, and close cousins.


Ancestral history about these relatives usually survives with the ancestral history about the leaders, and the ratio of relatives to leaders can often be hundreds to one.


This means that although the Family Forest Leadership Edition contains a huge number of leaders, it contains a far greater number of non-leaders, everyday people.


Fascinating pictures are continuing to emerge from our Family Forest Project. They are maps of generation-by-generation ancestral pathways that now span over 4,000 years. Along the way are countless forks that lead off to a wealth of surprising discoveries.

With this new edition, almost everyone who knows some of their own ancestral pathways to the early 1600's should be able to use the Family Forest to discover visually (via point-and-click lineage-linked charts/maps of ancestral pathways) that they share ancestors with a number of famous stars, celebrities, artists, authors, and/or leaders (political, military, industry, religious, etc.) from the present and the past.

Traveling to notable experiences of your ancestors is what the Leadership Edition of the Family Forest is all about. Our Family Forest Project of digitally connecting the dots of recorded history produces countless unique views of mankind's journey that have never been seen before, and cannot be seen anywhere else.

You can instantly zoom in to any points along our very long series of wanderings through hundreds of fascinating historical and genealogical books and periodicals. We believe that the Family Forest Leadership Edition pinpoints the location of valuable and personally enriching knowledge concerning the ancestors of most, if not all, of the people on Earth.

Progeny Software's latest Family Explorer 4.0 software will allow you to explore the great wealth of fun and exciting knowledge in the Family Forest from many different and exciting perspectives. Try them all (read the Contents section from the Help menu for how-to), and see why we call Family Forest "A People-Centered Approach to History. "

Please take the introductory tour (available at http://www.familyforest.com/tours.html if you didn't receive one with your disc). It is the quickest and best way to discover the exciting search and display tools you now have at your fingertips.

We welcome your feedback. Thank you for exploring the

Leadership Edition of the Family Forest.





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