What is the Family Forest World Record Edition

What is the Family Forest Leadership Edition?


The Family Forest® Leadership Edition is the ninth CD-ROM title in a series of lineage-linked tour guides to a vast wealth of professionally recorded paper-based ancestral history. It digitally connects people with each other, and with the history they created, in a fun, educational, and exciting new format. It is the culmination of nine years of strategic development of our Family Forest® Project.

This title is a combination of expanded and greatly improved versions of our eight previous Family Forest® titles. All of our earlier work has been merged, connected, expanded, and greatly enhanced in this new Family Forest® Leadership Edition.

The Family Forest® digitally maps out and connects recorded knowledge about the family ties that lead to the ancestors of most, if not all, of the people on Earth, and makes the results available almost instantly. In addition to many of the people in the Family Forest® Leadership Edition being connected to countless of thousands of their unique ancestors (ancestors are only parents of parents, etc., and not aunts, uncles, or cousins) over the span of twenty centuries, many are connected to thirty thousand or more cousins.

What does it mean to be a cousin (no matter how distant) of someone? Basically it means that somewhere back in time, maybe many centuries ago, there were two people who were ancestors of both you and your cousin. It also means that each and every ancestor of those two people, all the way back to wherever the beginning was, was also an ancestor of you and your cousin.

While the Family Forest® Leadership Edition is very much about genealogy, it is primarily about U.S. history, and more than 3,500 years of Old World history leading up to the birth of the United States. It is a fun and very easy to use reference source that should be a valuable resource for every student of history, young or old.

We believe the "people-centered approach to history" of our Family Forest® Project makes history come to life in a most engaging manner, and hope you will have as much fun exploring the Family Forest as we are having growing it.




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